Conflict Coaching

Do you need a sounding board regarding a personal/professional challenges?
GTM-T brings three decades of organizational experience and alternative conflict engagement to a collaborative  conversation about your conflict challenges. Active listening, empathetic strategy consideration, and thoughtful consideration of alternative approaches will support success for you and your organization. Respect and discretion are key ingredients.

ADR Plan

Conflict is best dealt with via strategic organizational structure. GTM – T will thoughtfully evaluate your organization and its internal/external conflict engagement protocols to provide recommendations and facilitation to assure successful organizational outcomes related to potential challenges; enabling your organization to recognize conflict challenges, respond productively, and utilize all positive energies for collective success.

Peer Mediation

Conflict is both danger and opportunity. How does an organization maximize the opportunity while minimizing the hazard?

Conflict is energy. How does that energy become a productive resource for positive execution?

GTM-T will facilitate skilled discussion toward implementation of peer mediation allowing your organization to become conflict competent – engendering an atmosphere of inquiry, respect, and dialogue. A culture of conflict competence allows peers to be mutually helpful, aware of maintaining each others face, and able to utilize conflict as a platform for creativity, learning and organizational growth.